Comporta region is located in Alentejo: Pronouncing the name alone evokes in the mind of the traveler a panoply of images of serenity and communion with nature in its most virgin state. “Beyond the Tagus,” as the Reconquista Crusaders baptized it to differentiate the region under the Moorish taifas, the territory is undoubtedly unique across the country, starting with the austere expanse of its soothing landscapes, its generous and rustic cuisine, and – going deeply into its soul – in the humility and affection of its people, always willing to share a glass of wine with the most intrepid visitor.

It is easy to get lost in the golden fields sprinkled with cork oaks resting in the insistent Lusitanian sun, and even easier to fall in love with the beaches.

Many of them are still relatively untouched by human action, offering us a glimpse of the Alentejo white sand that stretches from the Tróia Peninsula to Cape Sines, as if to invite us to delight in the simple pleasures of life. Blessed by the geography that gave it the ideal climate and touched by the foundations of history that give these places a unique and singular identity, the Alentejo western plain contains many secrets waiting to be discovered.

Troia Peninsula

 A long, narrow dune cord that separates the clear waters of the western Atlantic Ocean from the unspoiled nature of the Sado Estuary to the east, the Lusitanian namesake of the Iliad setting is at a distance from the naked eye of the fishing town of Setúbal; where the sands were still uncovered recently, huge resorts now dominate the landscape of the extreme peninsular tip. Further south, roughly in the middle, the bustle of casinos and hotels gives way to quieter, more family-friendly villas, precisely in Soltroia, where our accommodation offer is mostly located. These paradisiacal beaches are right next door: the Atlantic beach, distinguished with the Blue Flag insignia, is equipped with modern infrastructures that guarantee the protection of the dunes and the comfort of holidaymakers who appreciate the unique quality of this beach location.

Herdade da Comporta

In the transition between the picturesque parish composed by simple white houses and the Alentejo beaches is Herdade da Comporta (Comporta Estate), the ultimate symbol of a place that got its name due to the floodgates that prevent the Sado waters from overflowing to neighbouring rice fields that extend as far as the eye can see in the backdoor of the Estate; Unsurprisingly, the iconic Rice Museum is part of the complex, which is historically the most important harvest for such a place that combined this culture with the fishing activity provided by the waters of Sado. The Estate today is an inalienable place of Alentejo identity, which together with the museum space is also composed of a winery where you can taste the best quality Alentejo wines and relax in the peacefulness only rural life can bring.

Montalvo - Alcácer do Sal

On the edge of one of the most important castles of the Portuguese Islamic era, Alcácer do Sal can take pride in being a place with tremendous history, where Christian culture and the Moorish legacy mix and mingle. The imposing city leans over the most downstream Sado course, flowing serenely to the neighboring Estuary. In its path, its bank is embraced by Herdade do Montalvo (Montalvo Estate), a resort village that seeks the preservation of the typical natural characteristics of a region rich in nature with the comfort of modern equipment available to those looking to disconnect from urban life. In addition to the magnificent Villas, the Estate also has an Equestrian Center, a Tennis Court, a Playground, and 900 hectares of typical Alentejo landscape outside the village for the exclusive pleasure of the guest.


A hidden gem in the Alentejo coastline, Melides is the perfect choice to get to know the region in its fullest essence: the population core is genuine and traditional, as well as its people, based on the excellent gastronomic quality of its renowned restaurants – taste Açorda or the famous Migas! – but its best hidden secret lies in the beaches close to the settlement, which, being further from the major urban centers, are able to provide a greater privacy, as well as the nearby Melides Lagoon, a space of relevant importance for the local fauna and, for those most interested in ornithology, where you can visit the Bird Observatory. Equestrian fans, however, will be delighted by the horse riding available in the surrounding area, and can enjoy them on the beach or in the hillside, both options ensuring an unforgettable experience.

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