The name Comporta derives from the floodgate that prevents Sado river from entering into the rice fields. Its name stands for a village, a state – Herdade da Comporta – and a region. Although it is not recognized as an official region, Comporta has been used to identify a region that goes from the edge of the peninsula of Troia down to Melides, along the Alentejo Coast and the Sado river.

This can be very ambiguous for those searching about it and trying to plan their holidays. On this post, we will name some of our favorite places to stay and why.

So, Where should I stay?

 All areas of the region have something different to offer so there isn’t a right answer to that. For that reason, it will depend on your personal taste and what you expect from your holidays. In the end, keep in mind that whatever your decision is, you can, and should, explore all the surrounding areas. 


Comporta Prime Rentals - Troia

On the edge of the peninsula is the resort of Troia. This is the perfect place for those who prefer to spend their holidays car-free since it is the village with the greater concentration of shops, services and restaurants within walking distance as well as the beach.

Troia marina is the perfect place to embark on a boat tour to observe the dolphins or practice some water sports such as sailing. However, if you’re more of a golf person, you’ll be dazzled by Troia course, designed by the famous architect Bobby Jones. After your day activities, whatever they are, just have dinner by the marina and enjoy a drink while watching a small live concert or gambling in the Casino.


Comporta Prime Rentals - Soltroia

Only 5 kilometers south from Troia resort one finds the village of Soltroia. Soltroia covers an area of 133 ha flanked to the east by the Sado river and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean with a distance of less than 1.2 km between both banks. 

Soltroia is known for its golden and long sandy beach surrounded by clear blue water and pine trees. This place is the ideal location for those looking for a quiet beach destination. There are several beachfront villas and apartments and the farthest properties are only a few minutes walk from the beach. 

All the basics such as a restaurant, cafes, mini-market and bike rental are available in the area. Another bonus is that Comporta village is only 10 kms away and Troia 5kms. 


Comporta Prime Rentals

There isn’t much accommodation in the village of Comporta, the offer of the area is mostly in the neighboring hamlets Cambado, Possanco, Carrasqueira and other surroundings.

Comporta village area is, however, a beautiful place to stay during your holidays. Surrounded by the rice fields, the village offers some of the best restaurants and shops in the region. Comporta beach is less than 2kms away and has parking available.

Carvalhal & Pego – South Comporta

Parish Council of Carvalhal is the home of two beautiful beaches, Carvalhal and Pego, that should be considered to spend your summer holidays. The beach will always be within a few minutes drive from your villa, no matter where it is located.

In addition to the amazing beaches, Carvalhal is also heaven for food lovers. Traditional seafood rices and stews, including Açorda and Caldeirada are some of the highlights.


Alcácer do Sal – Herdade do Montalvo

Comporta Prime Rentals

It is not all about the oceanside. About 15 minutes driving from Comporta beach one finds Herdade do Montalvo, in Alcácer do Sal. This area offers the tranquility of the countryside in the margins of the Sado river. If you plan to spend a few days exploring the landscapes or relaxing by the pool this might be your perfect spot!



Comporta Prime Rentals - Melides

Last but certainly not least, Melides is another amazing place to spend beautiful summer days. Another hidden gem in the Alentejo coast, Melides beach is located on the long strip of sand that separates the ocean and Melides lagoon. Only 4 kms from the beach you will find the typical village with the same name that is filled with white traditional houses and quiet streets worth to visit.