Blue Flag Beaches

For all of our readers and guests considering heading to Portugal to enjoy their vacations, let’s face it: the peacefulness of Alentejo and its beautiful white sand beaches is the number one motivation for your stay in one of our accommodations. Besides the proven quality of the well-equipped, blue flag beaches, their extension is a marvel in itself; stretching for dozens of miles, there’s always something for everyone.

Beaches for the whole family

Starting from the northernmost part of the Alentejo region coastline, the Troia Peninsula offers great bathing options for the entire family due to lower wave amplitudes and calmer waters, as well as a great equipment support and accesses.

Troia-Mar is the closest beach to the marina that serves as the main access point to and from the regional capital of Setúbal. Troia-Mar showcases a great view of the opposing Arrábida Mountains, classified as Natural Park and one of the geological wonders of the Portuguese topography, offering a fantastic panorama landscape.

Tróia-Bico das Lulas is located a bit further south – and is accessible through a rather extensive boardwalk – displaying pretty much all benefits the previous beach offers as well, with restaurants, cafés and sport activities; both these beaches provide excellent reference points for sun-seekers who wish to stay within the Troia big hotel chains without having to undergo big distances.

Tróia-Galé, on the other hand, is the transition beach between the main settlement of Troia and Soltroia. Because it’s further away from the resorts, it’s much less crowded than its counterparts and therefore offering better conditions for a quiet retreat when at the beach. The sand area here is particularly extensive and the sea is still very calm, being possible to have a different, wider angle to the Arrábida Mountains as a background to this gorgeous beach.

Praia Atlântica is Soltroia’s main beach and the one closest to most of our accommodation options. Hosting a beach bar and sunbeds, it’s usually somewhat crowded in summer peak days although less so than its neighbours since its location is more exclusive and directed towards guests staying in the urbanization (parking, for instance, is paid, driving some people to further beaches). Easily accessible on foot by everyone spending their vacation in Soltroia, Praia Atlântica serves as a staple location providing all needed comfort for the entire family.

Pet Friendly Beach

For those wondering, however, about the options in the riverside when in Soltroia, the Praia do Estuário is something to consider. Keep in mind this is an unofficial beach without supporting equipments, blue flag or lifeguards, meaning that it serves primarily as a small cove for some boats and the respective sand area being pretty much deserted, the bulk of people heading instead westward towards Praia Atlântica. The Estuary, with its particularly calm waters, provides a great spot for a more secluded experience and is ideal for strolls with your pet in a carefree manner.

The unique Comporta Beach

Further south, in the beginning of the peninsula and entering the renowned rice fields lies the Praia da Comporta. This beach is popular among locals and tourists alike and boasts some considerable affluence during weekends. This also means that the area is well equipped, with a nice café – Comporta Café – overlooking the sea and more noticeable waves showcasing the potential for some water sports such as kitesurfing.

Best Surf and Kitesurf Beaches

The Praia do Carvalhal presents itself as the quintessential Alentejo coastline beach: a great paid parking lot option offering shade and good accessibility, great Surf schools for those looking to find excitement and, of course, a fantastic restaurant that has quite the reputation in the region, called O Dinis. It has a bit quieter environment than its neighbour Praia do Pego, accessible through the same road leading to the village of Carvalhal. Pego, while slightly located further from the settlement, is nevertheless popular, notably due to its restaurant, Sal, and the beach bar with the same name that occasionally hosts sunset parties; perfect if you’re in a more festive or social vibe and enjoy your late afternoon cold drink after a day of sunbathing!

Finally, the Praia de Melides, deep into the natural Alentejo coastal landscape, offers great water sports conditions as a result of more consistent waves. There’s surf and kitesurf lesson and gear rental options available, but that’s not all: cozy, quiet and scenic, the adjacent Melides Lagoon is a natural landmark in the region, with the possibility of watching local wildlife in the Bird Observatory just outside the beach. If you find yourself thirsty from all the activity, the Lagoa ó Mar beach bar provides ice-cold beverages and hearty snacks, while also organizing sunset parties to celebrate Portugal’s unique and joyful climate.