Comporta is not only full of beach, sun and sea. Only one hour away from Lisbon, this small village of white and blue houses is full of incredible shops that do not go unnoticed by anyone. And don’t worry, Comporta is a small village and you’ll find all the shops easily.

When you get there, after going through the emblematic white and blue walls saying Comporta park your car as soon as possible. From here you will walk and explore each shop you pass by.

After parking your car, on the left, is Beco das Comportas, there you’ll find Côté Sud at no.2. It’s immediately perceived the “chic and sophisticated” concept through the clothes and accessories that are sold there: exclusive and breezy pieces but, inevitably, “Comporta style”.

A few meters ahead we arrive at Largo de São João, where several shops are located. At number 4, there’s the Fio d’Água, an extension of the existing shop at the Amoreiras Shopping Center, in Lisbon. You will find a selection of women’s and men’s swimwear, jewelry and irreverent dresses.

Right after, you will find A Loja do Museu de Arroz and Briffa, other two emblematic shops, with a wide selection of exclusive items, from tunics to shoes and decoration to crockery.

Still in Largo de São João, there’s Lavanda, brimming with decorative objects from Morocco, India and Bali. The first thing that stands out is a table full of irresistible accessories. A boutique filled with handpicked pieces and brands from all over the world.

TM Collection is next door, an ethical and multicultural brand created by the designer Teresa Martins. When you get in the shop, you’ll feel transported to another place, a mystical one with giant silk lamps hanging from the ceiling, tree trunks and pallets transformed into sofas. You will find all this and much more, it is best to go there and find out what’s new in store.

On the opposite side of the road, still in Largo de São João, you’ll find Manumaya, a brand that is the result of the fusion between the name Manuela and Maya. It exhibits unique and exclusive pieces, all hand made on a loom. A project that aims to support communities and families of artisans in Guatemala.

If you are looking for something different, stop by Rua do Comercio no. 13 and visit Green Sun Comporta, a popular shop for its towels with fun captions, but that also have accessories and summer footwear.

Also in the heart of Comporta, Rua do Secador brings together some places that are worth visiting. Coral Comporta, which is mainly dedicated to decoration, is a store that focuses on national ceramics and crockery. But it’s not just crockery because, as in most Comporta shops, you will find a section dedicated to accessories and irreverent wallets.

Next door there’s an extension of the Lisbon store called Vintage Department. The pair Emily Tomé and Alma Mollemans are dedicated to the recovery of old furniture, industrial items and vintage pieces, most of Scandinavian origin. With any luck you can also find recovered vintage motorcycles outside.

Casa da Cultura is also located on the same street and it is the result of the rehabilitation of a rice warehouse and the old cinema where, today, you can find art exhibitions and fairs. Inside, you’ll find a warehouse full of recreations of stilt houses, original from the Carrasqueira area, where several Portuguese brand pop-up stores are installed. The environment is undoubtedly unique and quite appealing. In lot 255, you can find Olá Himalaia another decoration shop, dedicated to a Buddhist style. It is best to pass by and see with your own eyes the works of art you find there.

Finally, still on Rua do Secador, make sure you visit Mercearia Gomes. A family business, running for over 50 years, which many locals affectionately call Little Harrod’s for the fantastic amount of regional, national and international delicacies that are found there. The baskets hanging from the ceiling make this place even more special and worth visiting.